Sashnov Alexander's home page

Frequently asked questions (not really)

Q: For why is this page?

A: This page combines all-at-one of my experience, projects, opinions. Any significant project will have its own homepage at SourceForge, GitHub, etc.

Q: How this site is generated?

A: For a long time (2008-2014) I used GNU M4 macro processor to create HTML code from pseudo-language described at with my little extensions.

Hovewer in 2015 I decided to switch to Jekyll for few reasons: 1. hosting I used was discontinued 2. offers free hosting with Jekyll 3. I want to learn MarkDown format

Q: How to became a computer programmer?

A: This may be a long but very interesting way for you. First, English is the language of IT industry and the Internet. So you should be able to listen, read and write it at least. The best way to start actual programming is Python. There is a wonderful course at Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python which I highly recomnend. Then try to find an open source project to modify or join to. It is better to use Linux as you OS all the way. You will know new terms and pick up some good software architecture models from it.