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xmms vtx format plugin

libayemu - is AY/YM sound chip emulation library written in ANSI C, so it can be ported to any OS with little or no change.

AY/YM sound chip was used in wide variety of popular machines in the past such as Sinclair ZX Spectrum 128, Commodore Atari and others.

Initial goal of this project was to have in Linux a replacement of Winamp + in_vtx.dll plugin for playing a collection of .vtx files.

This library has: - doxygen API documentation; - autotools build system; - sample: xmms plug-in (on the picture); - sample: console player for *nix;


Visit the project’s download page on SourceForge


Contributors are welcome on projects GitHub page

You can contribute by: - create build of libayemu and player for Windows; - write input plugin for any existing sound player; - create Python binding;

Currently the library is used in DeadBeef cross-platform music player.


Roman Sherbakov is original author of Winamp plugin (in_vtx.dll) for playing AY/YM music in VTX format. It was open source, but in Delphi and asm :-( So I can’t directly port it to Linux and start rewritting it in C. Month after I drop mail to Roman for request help and following develop we do in pair: I was responceable for code, Roman for synthezer algoritm. His site is

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